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Testing Times In TSB

Some staff with Covid-19 related symptoms – such as a cough or a runny nose – are being told by some TSB line managers not to get tested because they might have to isolate and be off work. It seems that staffing levels are stretched so tightly in some branches, they...

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‘Hybrid’ Working

The bank’s expectation was that TSB staff would have discussed and agreed how ‘hybrid working’ was going to work before they began returning to their desks but that’s not happened. Many members have had no such discussions or agreed new working arrangements. It’s been...

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Freedom Day?

TSB was one of the slowest organisations to introduce COVID restrictions to protect staff and customers but it’s one of the first to get rid of them. In respect of face coverings, TSB has said that it’s up to customers to decide whether or not they wear them from...

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From Desktop To Laptop

In our recent Working from Home Survey, 66% of members said that they were working more than 7 hours a day and were more productive than they were before the pandemic. According to a recent study of 3 million employees in 21,500 companies published by Harvard Business...

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Back To Normality In TSB?

According to the Office for National Statistics 53% of workers travelled to their place of work last week. The expectation is that will steadily increase after the Easter holidays. The boss of Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, said that working from home is not the “new...

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The End Is In Sight

The pandemic has not just been a financial disaster, for many of course it’s been a health and well-being crisis too. All our lives have been turned upside down since March last year, and that’s likely to continue well into this year. The effects of Covid on some of...

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Life Made A Little Bit Better In TSB

Following intense pressure from the union, with the publication of our seven-point plan last week, TSB has said that branches will now close at either 1pm or 2pm, depending on whether they are open at lunch time. That should go some way to stopping the continuing...

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Life Made Worse In TSB

Why is it that Lloyds branches are closing at 2pm with staff going home immediately, whereas TSB branches are staying open longer and staff are being forced to work until 5pm? And why are the two TSB supported staff unions not saying anything about it? Do they not...

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Back To Basics – Now

TSB should go back to basic banking and the measures introduced in the first lockdown with immediate effect. Staff safety must be TSB’s first priority, not money confidence! The Prime Minister announced last night that people in all of England must now stay at home...

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