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Testing Times In TSB

Some staff with Covid-19 related symptoms – such as a cough or a runny nose – are being told by some TSB line managers not to get tested because they might have to isolate and be off work. It seems that staffing levels are stretched so tightly in some branches, they...

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New Ways Of Working

TSB is piloting new ways of working in a number of branch locations across the network. Staff in the pilot branches will be able to choose the hours they want to work and the days they want to work them. However, it’s not going to be a free for all because branches...

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‘Hybrid’ Working

The bank’s expectation was that TSB staff would have discussed and agreed how ‘hybrid working’ was going to work before they began returning to their desks but that’s not happened. Many members have had no such discussions or agreed new working arrangements. It’s been...

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Is The Future Of TSB With Nationwide?

There is increasing speculation again about the future of TSB. Sabadell’s Chief Executive Officer, Cesar Gonzalez-Bueno tried to quell those rumours when he presented the latest results saying: “TSB is generating capital to fund its own growth. We are very satisfied...

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Hybrid Working In TSB

The Government has dropped its advice for people to work-from-home and we expect that TSB will begin getting staff back to offices - if only for part of the week - almost immediately. The working-from-home guidance remains in place in Wales, Scotland and Northern...

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Pay Squeeze For All TSB Staff

The 2022 pay pot, the amount of money the bank spends on pay, is just 4% compared to the current inflation rate of 7.5%, which is the highest it’s been since April 1991. And let’s be honest, that inflation figure is likely to get higher over the next few months. On...

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The “Year of the Squeeze”

In a report published on the 29th December, the Resolution Foundation, a well-respected think-tank focused on improving the living standards for those on low to middle incomes said that 2022 would be the “year of the squeeze” on people’s finances. In its quarterly...

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TSB To Refurb Branches Only To Close Them Next Year

You couldn’t make this stuff up even if you tried. On a recent teleconference, Carol Anderson, Director of Branch Banking, admitted that many of the 70 branches which will close next year will be refurbished first and then closed. She said TSB couldn’t get out of the...

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