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FCA Gets Powers To Stop Branch Closures?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is considering introducing new rules which would give it the power to stop banks from closing branches. It is estimated that since the pandemic began, some 529 branches have been earmarked for closure. TSB has closed 246 branches...

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Freedom Day?

TSB was one of the slowest organisations to introduce COVID restrictions to protect staff and customers but it’s one of the first to get rid of them. In respect of face coverings, TSB has said that it’s up to customers to decide whether or not they wear them from...

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It’s Up For Sale.

We didn’t think it would be long before Sabadell outlined its real intentions for TSB. The Chief Executive of TSB’s Spanish owner Sabadell has confirmed that it’s open to selling TSB if it got the right offer. At a conference in Barcelona, Cesar Gonzalez-Bueno, said:...

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From Desktop To Laptop

In our recent Working from Home Survey, 66% of members said that they were working more than 7 hours a day and were more productive than they were before the pandemic. According to a recent study of 3 million employees in 21,500 companies published by Harvard Business...

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What, No TSB Strategy?

At its Investor Day meeting at the end of May, Sabadell confirmed that TSB will focus on mortgages. There will be “less appetite for consumer loans” and any new lending “will focus on lower risk and lower capital consumption products”. It seems that TSB is retreating...

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What About Everyone Else?

Earlier this week TSB announced changes to the pay progression for Grade B members of staff. Those new entry salaries are good news for the small number of newly appointed staff who will benefit from the changes. But what about everyone else in TSB? The overwhelming...

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£40 Million In Compensation

We are about to begin the next phase of the Union’s GMP campaign and that will begin to roll out in the next few weeks. Just to recap, last November the High Court ruled that Lloyds are legally responsible for equalising the guaranteed minimum pensions (GMPs) for...

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