In one of her previous notes, Carol Anderson, Director, Branch Banking TSB said: “I know that it is not bringing out the best in some of our customers and thank you for remaining firm and reasonable through your interactions”.

That’s a major understatement based on some of the reports we are getting back from TSB branches. We understand that one branch manager was recently assaulted and we’ve lost count of the number of staff that have been spat at by customers. Verbal abuse of staff by disgruntled customers is now almost routine in some branches and contact centres. It’s also the case that in many branches customers still don’t seem to think that the social distancing rules apply to them. Lloyds has got branch floors taped up telling customers where they can and can’t stand and customers are told, in no uncertain terms, how to approach the counter and when to step back. All the other banks have done the same thing. We understand that this more difficult in some of the TSB estate, which is why in some locations customers should only be allowed in branches one at a time. If your branch is not taking any of these measures let us know and we will carry out our own risk assessment visit.

There is no way of saying this politely but some of the worst offending branches are in more challenging locations. We all know where they and so does TSB. Enough is enough.

TSB should immediately:

  • Carry out a risk assessment of all branches to determine whether the bank should employ security guards to protect staff. We think it’s probably a dozen or so branches but they need help now. Those branches should close until proper security arrangements have been put in place.
  • Give branch managers the authority to close their branches or counter services if there is customer abuse and or there is a failure to adhere to the social distancing rules. Temporary closures are not working in many cases because as soon as the branch reopens it all starts again. We can say this – there are lots of TSB customers who are simply too stupid or selfish to realise what’s going on and the importance of adhering to guidelines issued by the Government. The safety of TSB staff and their families should not be put at risk because of customer stupidity. TSB needs to follow the Lloyds example and get tougher with customers. Equally, some of the TSB Area Directors need to take their commercial hats off and start thinking about staff safety.

Members with any issues they would like us to deal with on this should contact the Union’s Advice Team on 01234 716029 (choose Option 1).








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