Why is it that Lloyds branches are closing at 2pm with staff going home immediately, whereas TSB branches are staying open longer and staff are being forced to work until 5pm? And why are the two TSB supported staff unions not saying anything about it? Do they not care about the safety of their few remaining members?

The reason why the safety of TSB staff is being compromised is because the bank is being sold. Sabadell has made it clear that TSB is not part of its long-term plans and it’s currently looking for a buyer. TSB needs to show itself in the best possible light and that means boosting profitability. Whereas other banks have put staff safety first, especially now, TSB has concluded that this is the right time to differentiate itself from the other competitors by opening longer, offering more in-branches services and providing face to face interviews. TSB must believe that the benefits of more business outweigh the risks to staff and customer catching the virus on its premises. That is wrong.

TSB should adopt the following plan:

  • Introduce basic banking only until the lockdown is lifted. And “basic” banking means “basic” banking with no exceptions.
  • Reduce opening hours from 9.30am to 2pm with immediate effect.
  • Allow all staff to leave when the branches close at 2pm. Staff must not be required to make up the time.
  • Stop all Saturday branch opening with effect from 9th
  • Stop the continuing migration of staff between branches with immediate effect.
  • All face-to-face interviews with customers must also stop, except in the most exceptional of circumstances. A customer who is suffering domestic abuse and needs to change bank accounts, for example, would be an exceptional circumstance.
  • Mortgage staff who can work from home should do so immediately.
  • TSB should undertake an immediate review of its existing PPE provision to ensure that it’s fit for purpose given the transmissibility of the new strain of the virus.

At the end of her recent New Year message, Debbie Crosbie, TSB Chief Executive, signed off by saying: “Wishing you all good health and a Life Made More in 2021!”. A bit cheesy, we know, but frontline staff life would be greatly reassured if TSB put their safety first and stopped trying to take commercial advantage of what is a devastating situation for everyone.

Members with any questions on this should contact the Union’s Advice Team on 01234 716029 (choose Option 1).

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